After 15 years of ownership (and three separate cars), I am now Corvairless. I bought this car back in 2002 in Buffalo, NY, sporting white primer that was already pushing 30 years old, towed it over the border and then drove it home.

Sept 2002 - loaded up and ready to go.

Over the years it picked up a 4-speed in place of the original PowerGlide automatic and then the turbo driveline from my Corsa, whose body was too far gone to rescue. It was always a work in progress.

I will miss it. On Wednesday, my Dad and I piled in for a last run before the new owner came to pick it up. We went out to a twisty rural road and gave it a workout. Ran like a champ. It gave me closure. I hope the new owner has a blast with it.


Now, its spot in the garage is filled with something a little better suited to the kinds of highways I need to drive to get anywhere: